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First flight to Dubrovnik First flight to Dubrovnik

First flight from new Zagreb Airport heads towards Dubrovnik

Written by  Mark Thomas Mar 29, 2017

The first plane to take off from the new Zagreb Airport terminal was a flight to Dubrovnik. On Tuesday morning the new terminal at Zagreb's Franjo Tudjman airport was officially up and running with commercial operations underway. After more than 35,000 different kinds of testing of the new terminal, including in the last ten days landing and takeoff, yesterday at 5.50am a Croatia Airlines flight took off and headed towards Dubrovnik.

And then at 6.30am the first arrival landed at Zagreb Airport when a Qatar Airways flight from Doha brought the first passengers through the terminal.

The construction of new terminal of the Zagreb airport lasted for three years and is the biggest infrastructure project in Croatia in the last ten years. Around 300 million Euros was invested into the impressive new terminal building which can handle five million passengers a year with the possibility of increasing to eight at a later date.

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