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Croatia is no longer a corrupt country

By  Jan 27, 2016

Croatia is no longer considered as a corrupt country according to Transparency International. In a corruption ranking of 168 countries Croatia finished in 50th position meaning that it is out of the rang of countries considered by Transparency International as corrupt.

The president of Transparency International Croatia, Davorka Budimir, said in a press conference today that “Headway in the fight against corruption is finally visible in Croatia as well.” She added that Croatia has improved its position on the world rankings by three points to 51 points, which just puts it in the position of less corrupt countries.

The average points index for countries inside the European Union is 67 points which goes to show that Croatia still has work to do in its fight against corruption. However the average world ranking is 43 points showing that the work done until now has had some effect.

The least corrupt countries for 2015 were Denmark with 81 points, Finland with 90 points and New Zealand with 88 points. Whilst the most corrupt were North Korea and Somalia both with only 8 points.

Budimir concluded that “Corruption directly threatens citizens’ human rights and their equality in achieving their own interests, it destroys the morality and structure of society and prevents the development of free enterprise. Corruption tends to permeate all segments of society and therefore represents the biggest threat to Croatia’s economic, social and political development.”