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Southeast Europe needs more commitment from the international community – Croatian President

Written by  Mar 27, 2017

The Croatian president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic ended her five-day visit to Sweden last week.

During her visit, Grabar-Kitarovic met with the Croatian Diaspora in Sweden, the Swedish King Gustaf XVI and Queen Silvia, the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lovfen, the Parliament Speaker Urban Ahlin, and the Minister of Defence Peter Hultqvist. She also visited the Swedish telecom giant Ericsson, the owner of the ICT company Ericsson Nikola Tesla in Croatia.

The Croatian president concluded her official visit to Sweden at Lund University, one of the largest Scandinavian research universities. During a lecture to professors and students at the university on the topic "Southeast Europe - Testing Ground to Prove Europe's and Euro-Atlantic Resoluteness and Solidarity’’, she referred to the current situation in the region of Southeast Europe.

‘’In the past decade the European Union and NATO stopped focusing on Southeast Europe because large conflicts in that part of Europe seemed to have been solved and there was less reason for concern, however, that part of Europe need more commitment from the international community’’, explained Grabar-Kitarovic.

The Croatian president also added that Southeast Europe was experiencing the heavy burden of serious security concerns that were troubling the EU and NATO.

‘’The combination of this problem with the specific political instability of this area and partially weak institutions and economies, makes it obvious that these young democracies need stronger commitment from the European Union and NATO’’, emphasized Grabar-Kitarovic.
After the lecture at the university, Grabar-Kitarovic visited the MAX IV Laboratory for synchrotron radiation, the largest of its kind in Europe. On this occasion, she said that science, research and innovation were the foundation of all development and in particular of the economy.

"Even though Croatia will not be in a position in the near future to have a laboratory like this, for a start it would be extremely good to establish cooperation in science and exchange and to start investing more in research and development’’, concluded Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic.

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