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Franck coffee goes on sale in Walmart Franck coffee goes on sale in Walmart

Croatian coffee goes in sale in 150 American stores

By  Mar 22, 2017

A leading coffee, tea and snacks company in Croatia successfully continues to conquer world markets.

The Franck company, one of the most successful food production and export companies in present-day Croatia, recently entered the market of the United States i.e. Franck's iconic jubilee ground coffee is now available in 150 stores of the largest American retail chain Walmart.

A business analysis shows that Franck's market share has been growing in the Adria region. The company has already expanded to Central Europe through companies in Vienna and Bratislava. On the other hand, Franck has invested more than 20 million Kunas in modernization and introduced 30 new products; therefore, the further expansion to other demanding markets is reasonably expected.

''We've shaken our distributors thus this year we are expanding exports to Scandinavian markets, whilst with a special offer of our jubilee ground coffee we recently entered Walmart stores in the US. Our products have already been available in more than 350 stores in Vienna, and after 25 years we have returned to the markets of Serbia and Montenegro with our popular ''brick'' (vacuum-packed jubilee coffee of 250 grams) as well as with our other assortment of ground coffee, instant cappuccino and teas'', explained Zoran Mabic, the sales director at Franck.

It is interesting to note that this year the Franck company is celebrating its 125th anniversary. The story began when a young and ambitious German entrepreneur named Johann H. Franck managed to produce a coffee substitute using chicory root. The company was first registered as Heinrich Franck Sohne G.m.b.H in 1828.

After opening branches in Austria, Italy, Czechoslovakia and Hungary, another one was opened in the Vodovodna Street in Zagreb in 1892, where the company’s headquarters are still today.

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