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Croatia's first LNG filling station on the way Croatia's first LNG filling station on the way

First LNG filling station to open in Croatia

By  Mar 09, 2017

''The first LNG filling station for commercial vehicles in Croatia is expected in the first half of 2018, whilst the interest of carriers will determine whether the station will be opened in Zagreb or in Rijeka'', said Davor Boric, the head of LNG project in Croatia and representatives of the Butan Plin Novigrad company which is to build the first Croatia's LNG filling station.

The infrastructure for LNG filling stations should be set up in all major cities by 2020, whilst the complete network is expected by 2030. In addition, the infrastructure should be built at 11 motorway locations by 2025 at the latest, it was said at the presentation of a project for the introduction of liquefied natural gas in Croatia's road transport in Zagreb on the 7th of March.

According to the words of Boric, there is also a plan to open LNG filling stations in seaports for maritime transport and the first one will be built in Split.

Furthermore, each station will cost 1 million Euros; the Butan Plin Novigrad company will invest half of the money, whilst the other half will be financed from European Union funds, as part of the Connecting Europe Facility program.

Whilst Croatia is waiting for its first LNG filling station, some other European countries have already have wide networks; Sweden has five, France has four filling stations and eleven more under construction, Italy has four etc.

The presentation of the LNG filling stations project in Croatia was organized by the Group for LNG, CNG and biogas which works within the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK), in cooperation with the Benussi company from Pula.

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