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Increased flights from Croatia for 2017 Increased flights from Croatia for 2017

Turkish Airlines looking to Croatia to compensate for lack of interest for flights to Istanbul

Written by  Mar 08, 2017

According to Ugur Cantimur, the general manager of the Turkish Airlines office in Croatia, the office was not affected by last year's decline in tourism in Turkey, on the contrary, in 2017 they expect even more passengers than the previous year on flights to and from Croatia.

Since Turkish Airlines opened its office in Zagreb in 1998, the air carrier has recorded increase in air traffic almost every year. It is interesting to note that passengers voted Turkish Airlines the best air carrier in Europe for the sixth time in a row.

''This is an obligation for us to be even better in 2017. Despite the decreased number of passengers on our flights to Turkey and Istanbul, we expect that we will compensate it with flights from Croatia to other destinations, mostly to America and the Far East where we have a large number of passengers for Croatia'', explained Cantimur.

Turkish Airlines operates flights from the Croatian capital 14 times a week to destinations in the US and the Far East, whilst from last year's May the air carrier operates flights every day from Dubrovnik.

The CEO of Turkish Airlines office in Croatia also commented that they were very pleased with flights from Dubrovnik and that they hoped that 2017 would bring even more passengers, especially in July when the air carrier will launch flights from Croatia to Pukhet in Thailand. It is interesting to note that the airline recently launched flights to Havana, Caracas, the Seychelles and Zanzibar.

The latest data show that in the period between January and November in 2016, Turkish Airlines carried 58,3 million passengers, or 1,7 million passengers more compared to the same period in 2015. The company operates flights to 296 world destinations, which is the biggest number of destinations among all airline companies in the world.

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