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Douglas DC-3 Breitling Douglas DC-3 Breitling

Breitling to start tour of the world and first stop is Zagreb

Written by  Mar 07, 2017

This month Breitling begins the world tour on its Douglas DC-3 plane which will have several stages and encompass Europe, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia and North America. The journey starts in Geneva and finishes six months later, in September at the Breitling Sion Air show in Switzerland.

The famous Swiss watchmaker company has decided to celebrate its 77th birthday with limited edition of 500 pieces of the Navitimer watch, its famous chronograph intended for usage in aviation.

The tour around the world will be marked by numerous stops in order to organize events or to participate in air shows, whilst some lucky passengers will have the opportunity to be part of this journey. The first Breitling stop will be the Croatian capital of Zagreb, thus the plane which was flown by James Bond, will land at the Zagreb airport Pleso on the 10th of March.

The DC-3 propeller plane with two engines which was invented in 1935 revolutionized air travel at the time. Nicknamed ''The plane for the Normandy invasion'' this plane had its five minutes of fame in June of 1944. It was delivered to the American Airlines company in 1940, thus the US military was the first to fly this plane between 1942 and 1944. Later, it was engaged in the commercial usage.

Around 16,000 copies of this plane were manufactured, whilst all larger airline companies bought them as part of their fleet. Nowadays, there are less than 150 such planes across the globe that are fully functional.

After it was restored by a group of dedicated enthusiasts, nowadays the DC-3 aircraft defends the colours of Breitling and participates in numerous air shows.

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