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Happier than Greece and Spian...but still not happy Happier than Greece and Spian...but still not happy

Croatia less miserable than Greece and Spain

Written by  Mar 07, 2017

‘’If 2016 was the year of political shocks, this year could be when we find how they will impact the global economy’’, reported Bloomberg in its article representing the Misery Index for 2017.

The Bloomberg Misery Index combines inflation and unemployment data of 65 world countries. According to these criteria, the most miserable country in the world for the third year in a row is Venezuela with ‘’impressive’’ 499 points, followed by the Republic of South Africa (32,2 points) and Argentina (30,9 points). The Misery Index is designed in a way that a higher score means more economic misery. The least miserable world country in terms of economy is once again Thailand.

As far as Croatia is concerned, the country placed as the 12th on the Bloomberg Misery Index list with 13,7 points i.e. the result is worse by 0,1 percent in comparison to the previous year. However, Croatia is not economically the most miserable member country of the European Union because Greece placed as the 4th on the Bloomberg Misery Index list with 23,2 points, whilst Spain placed as the 6th with 19,6 points.

Among other European countries with poor economic forecasts for 2017 are Turkey (5th place), Ukraine (7th place) and Serbia (8th place), whilst Italy placed just behind Croatia as the 13th on the Bloomberg Misery Index list.

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