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Croatian version of popular board game on the way Croatian version of popular board game on the way

Monopoly to have a Croatian version

By  Feb 22, 2017

At a press conference that was held in Zagreb on the 21st of February an interesting project was presented – a Croatian edition of the world popular board game Monopoly.

This project will enable Croatian citizens to participate in it by submitting proposals about buildings, monuments, cultural edifices etc. in order to make a new Croatian souvenir.
''The Croatian edition of Monopoly will be very attractive because citizens themselves create the game. It will be bilingual and we hope it to become a recognizable souvenir. Croatia is one of the best destinations in Europe, the world has recognized its natural beauty and cultural heritage, thus we would like our citizens to participate and suggest what they would like to see in this new edition'', said Lazar Vukovic, the CEO of the Winning Moves International company for the Balkan region.

On this occasion, Peter Clements, the Deputy British Ambassador to Croatia, expressed his satisfaction with the project of creating bilingual Monopoly. ''That is a good example of exchanging creativity between Croatia and the United Kingdom'', he said.

Nowadays, 111 countries have their edition of Monopoly. Since 1930 when the first version of this game was commercially sold, Monopoly has been published in 43 languages.

Over the next four weeks citizens of Croatia can make their suggestions about the Croatian version of the popular game. The Monopoly game ''in Croatian'' will be available on the market in July 2017.

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