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Two-thirds of Croatians would leave the country for a brighter future

By  Feb 17, 2017

According to a recent survey, almost 77 percent of respondents are willing to leave Croatia in a search of a new job and a brighter future.

More than half of respondents would leave the country in order to find work in their profession, whilst 43 percent of people would accept any job.

The survey carried out by the MojPosao portal encompassed eleven European countries (Croatia, Latvia, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia) and included 35,000 respondents.

Furthermore, the survey showed that a great majority of respondents from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia are more willing to accept any kind of job than respondents from other countries are.

In general, more men (81%) are willing to go abroad than women (73%), as are respondents of 25 years of age and younger. Almost 80 percent of young population are ready to leave Croatia, whilst 79 percent of population aged 25 to 34 would follow their path. Respondents older than 55 years (58%) are not willing to search for a job outside Croatia's borders.

The main incentive for relocation to 69 percent of Croatian respondents is a higher salary, whilst 38 percent would seek possibilities for better career development.

In addition, the survey also shows that the great majority of people in Croatia would go abroad for a period longer than one year; a fifth of respondents would leave the country for several months, whilst the rest of respondents would go abroad only for a few weeks' time.

Last year the portal MojPosao published more than 1,100 ads for jobs abroad, or 14 percent more ads compared to the previous year. Most ads were for jobs in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia.

The most in-demand professions abroad are electricians, IT developers and electrical workers for jobs in the field of installation, maintenance and repairs, production, craft services and electrical engineering.

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