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EU to take Croatia to court for failing to comply with driving license regulations

By  Feb 16, 2017

The EU Commission has decided to refer several members countries to the Court of Justice of the European Union for failing to implement EU rules on driving licences.

Croatia, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden are the EU member countries which will be referred to the EU Court of Justice for failing to comply with the EU Directive 2006/126/EC.
In October 2015, the EU Commission opened the misdemeanour proceedings and sent its reasoned opinion to these four members states in June 2016. However, the countries have still not fulfilled their obligations under the EU Directive, thus the Commision has decided to refer the cases to the Court.

The Commision has identified several omissions in the implementation of the Directive 2006/126/EC. For example, the Netherlands failed to implement the harmonised validity periods for licences; Portugal failed to ensure that one person holds only one licence, whilst Sweden failed to transpose the requirements on medical fitness, especially for drivers who are dependent on alcohol.

On the other hand, Croatia will be referred to the Court of Justice for failing to connect to the EU driving licences network RESPER, as required by the Directive 2006/126/EC.

RESPER helps the EU member countries cooperate with each other and ensure that driving licences are issued according with EU rules which therefore help to reduce the possibility of fraud, guarantee true freedom of movement for EU drivers and reinforce safety on roads throughout the European Union.

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