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Croatian tuna has found a market with Japanese Croatian tuna has found a market with Japanese

Japanese like Croatian tuna so much they are buying up factories

Written by  Feb 13, 2017

The Japanese are so delighted with Kali, the famous fishing village on the island of Ugljan, that they not only took over the Kali tuna factory but have even decided to built another one this year, announced the CEO of Jiro Kamba.

Kali Tuna is the first and the largest tuna factory in Croatia. It uses a specific farming technology; they catch tuna of 8 kilograms in weight, which is then farmed for two and a half years to gain fat, and it seems that this is a winning combination that the Japanese love.

So far, almost all of the tuna has been exported to Japan, but the new factory would enable processing tuna to the final stage in Croatia thus supplying consumers from sushi restaurants to shops not only in Croatia but also throughout Europe.

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