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Early warning to avoid forest fires Early warning to avoid forest fires

Early response system for the detection of forest fires

Written by  Feb 12, 2017

It is a well known fact that Croatia is a land of wonderful natural beauty, from soaring snow-covered mountains to lush rolling hills and the crystal clear Adriatic Sea. Croatia has eight national parks, eleven protected nature parks and forests that occupy more than 34 percent of the country's surface area. However, one of the biggest threats to its landscape are fires. They represent a constant threat to the ecological systems, infrastructure and human lives. Apart from preventive measures, the only effective way to reduce damage caused by forest fires is their early detection and rapid response.

Therefore, Croatia Telecom has introduced an advanced technological system for early detection and monitoring of forest fires in several Croatian national parks and nature parks.

''iForestFire'' is an intelligent and integrated video based monitoring system for the early detection of forest fires that are detected in the initial stage using advanced image processing and image analysis methods. Intelligent fire recognition algorithms analyze images automatically, trying to find visual signs of forest fire, particularly forest fire smoke during the day and forest fire flames during the night. If something suspicious is found, a pre-alarm is generated and the appropriate image parts are visibly marked. The operator inspects suspicious image parts and decides if it is really a forest fire or not.

The introduction of this system is a vital early warning system for Croatia’s national parks and protected nature parks. Apart from providing help in preventing fires, iForestFire also reduces the financial damage caused by fires and at the same time increases the safety of citizens and tourists. Thanks to its modular design the iForestFire system can also be adaptable to other intended purposes that make it an interesting choice for all institutions and companies responsible for open areas.

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