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Want to get promotion – get a diploma Better education means more chances of promotion

Want to get promotion – get a diploma

Written by  Feb 10, 2017

MojPosao recently carried out a survey that involved 300 respondents in order to learn what is an average raise in Croatia as well as how often, to whom and for what reasons it is given.

According to the survey almost 70 percent of respondents advanced to a higher job position during their career, whilst 30 percent never advanced. Respondents with higher education advanced more often (78%) than respondents with secondary education (68%). Similarly, respondents with higher education asked for career advancement themselves more often (32%) than respondents with secondary education (21%). The vast majority of respondents (87%) advanced within the same company, whilst 29 percent of respondents obtained career advancement by starting a new job in other company.

In terms of gender, men and women are progressing equally; 73 percent of women and 72 percent of men progressed during their career. Among respondents who advanced within the same company, around 84 percent of them did not ask for advancement themselves but were offered one by an employer. Only 29 percent of respondents asked for career advancement themselves.

On the other hand, women are more likely to ask for promotion. The survey showed that almost 28 percent of women who progressed within a company asked for advancement themselves. As far as men are concerned, only 23 percent of them asked for advancement themselves. However, men were offered career promotion more often (77%) than women (72%).

In the case of starting work with a new employer, most respondents (40%) expected promotion after a year of work, whilst 28 percent of them expected to advance after two years. A fifth of respondents (21%) expected to advance after less than a year of work in a new company, whilst 7 percent of them did not expect to advance at all.

Interestingly, the survey data showed that almost 86 percent of respondents never refused a promotion. The rest of respondents explained that they refused a promotion due to small benefits in relation to responsibility and work that accompanied the promotion.

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