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Well raised fish advert Well raised fish advert

Croatian ad impresses New York museum

By  Feb 07, 2017

Cromaris's ''Well raised fish'' from the cleanest parts of the Adriatic Sea has thrilled owners of the Poster House museum in New York with its creativity.

The latest issue of one of the world's leading magazines for creativity in market communications ''Lürzer's Archive'' recently published advertisements of the largest sea fish farming company in Croatia 'Cromaris' under the title ''Well raised fish''. After seeing the ad, the Poster House museum called Cromaris and expressed its interest in including the innovative ad in the form of a poster in the permanent collection of global creative achievements.

well aised fish cromaris

The ad which thrilled the creative industry was designed by the agency Bruketa & Zinic OM with the main goal of informing potential consumers that fresh fish from the Adriatic sea is truly ''Well raised fish'' due to the exceptional ecological farming and special attention paid to their breeding in the clear Croatian sea waters.

The Cromaris company has five top class breeding farms located in northern and central Adriatic well known for technologically modern process of fish farming in the open sea and innovative concept of manufacturing ''from the sea to you'' which ensures that fresh farmed fish is delivered to shops throughout Europe in the minimum period of time.

As part of the Adris Group, Cromaris is the largest producer of fresh sea bream, sea bass and shell fish in Croatia and is among the top ten leading producers in the world. Around 75 percent of company's total revenue is achieved on foreign markets.

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