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Drive through pharmacy opens in Zagreb Drive through pharmacy opens in Zagreb

First drive-through pharmacy opens in Zagreb

Written by  Jan 26, 2017

Apart from drive-through fast food stands and drive-in cinemas that were introduced in Croatia in the last decade, the first drive-in pharmacy is to be opened in Zagreb in February.

The drive-through pharmacy at Zagreb's neighbourhood Retkovec has already opened its doors to consumers, but its official opening is scheduled for the next month.

The Zagreb City Pharmacy company has opened this type of pharmacy with the aim to improve the availability and provision of health care services to less mobile senior citizens and parents with small children.

An access for cars is provided; all that consumers have to do is to ring the pharmacy’s bell and a pharmacist will give medications to patients through a specially designed window without requiring a patient to get out of a car or enter into the pharmacy area.

The Zagreb City Pharmacy company also plans to open drive-through pharmacies in other parts of the Croatian capital.

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