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Alibaba thinking about investing in Croatia Alibaba thinking about investing in Croatia

Alibaba contemplating making Zadar a European base

Written by  Jan 19, 2017

One of the most successful Chinese companies Alibaba owned by the Chinese billionaire Jack Ma has expressed an interest to make Zadar its commerce hotspot in this part of Europe.

The company would build a warehouse in the Croatian city of Zadar as a greenfield investment for distribution of goods of its internet store.

The biggest advantage of Zadar as a destination is a vicinity of a seaport, an airport, a highway and a railway.

Alibaba is the largest Chinese online store with an average daily income of a billion US dollars. The warehouse in Zadar would significantly reduce the time of delivery for ordered products to customers in this part of Europe.

In addition, Alibaba is also interested in building a film studio in Zadar. The company has already has several film studios in Hollywood, and is currently seeking for an ideal location in the region.

Even though Zadar has competition in Budapest and Serbia, allegedly one of the Chinese partners and investors has already fallen in love with Zadar.

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