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Hungarian icebreakers on the way to Croatia Hungarian icebreakers on the way to Croatia

Icebreakers needed to clean the Danube in Croatia

By  Jan 17, 2017

Extremely cold weather continues to cause troubles in Croatia. Low air temperatures have been increasing the quantity of floating ice on the river Danube and the risk of ice completely covering the river through Croatia.

The Croatian water company (Hrvatske Vode) asked for assistance from Hungary thus Croatia, Serbia and Hungary decided that two Hungarian icebreakers would arrive on the Danube in the Osijek-Baranja County and the Vukovar-Srijem County in the eastern part of Croatia on the 16th of January.

The competent Hungarian authority told that the two icebreakers would be operating along the joint Serbia-Croatian section of the Danube, between Hungary’s southern border and the Croatian city of Vukovar.

According to a statement from the Croatian water company, more icebreakers will arrive if the weather conditions worsen. They also emphasized that the current level of the river Danube in Croatia was not a threat to people or property.

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