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Train model “Backo Mini Express” hit at Advent in Zagreb

By  Jan 16, 2017

During the Advent Fairytale in Zagreb the ''Backo Mini Express'' hosted more than 2,700 tourists from all over the world and recorded an increase by 50 percent in comparison to the previous year.

The ''Backo Mini Express'' is one of the thirty private collections in Europe and the largest train model in South-eastern Europe owned by Antun Urbic Backo, the creator and the owner of the collection. It is a result of a five-year work by five locals from Zagreb who have created a tourist rarity in the continental region of Croatia. More than 80 percent of the collection is ''Made in Croatia''.

The train model spreads over 75 square metres of space which include 1,050 metres of rails on which operate more than 100 trains eight hours a day.

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''Participating in the project Advent in Zagreb, the ''Mini Express'' recorded a record-breaking interest of foreign tourists from Australia to Chile. Around 50 percent more tourists than the last year visited ''Trains that are never late'' in the period from the 26th of November 2016 until now'', commented Urbic.

The most numerous tourists who visited the largest train model in South East Europe were guests from Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands as well as tourists from the United States, Brazil, Chile, South Korea, China and Australia.

''I was amazed by this attraction. There are so many details, trains, buildings, it really shows the love and devotion to a hobby that has become more than just that. I think that everyone with children should come here. This is fascinating for old and young alike’’, commented one of visitors.

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