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Croatia in the top when it comes to average wages in the region

By  Jan 16, 2017

When it comes to average wages in the region, Croatia is in the top, just after Slovenia. According to the latest data, average wage in Croatia is 749,70 Euros (5642 Kunas), while Slovenia holds the first place with 1020,40 Euros – reports N1

The lowest average wage is in Macedonia, 363,80 Euros (22 460 Denars). Other average wages in the region are – 503 Euros in Montenegro, 428 Euros in Bosnia and Herzegovina (837 KM) and 369,70 Euros in Serbia (45 767 Dinars).

The average salary in Croatia decreased compared to 2015 – in Ocobter 2015 it amounted 749,70 Euros, while in the same month in 2015 it was 762.

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