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Croatian smart bracelet to reduce stress Photo by Facebook page Meridda/Stress_Management_app

Croatian smart bracelet to reduce stress

By  Dec 28, 2016

New smart invention from Croatia is on the horizon! This time it is a smart bracelet which helps to reduce stress. 

‘’Meridda’’, the latest idea of the Croatian start-up company Studio Rebus and its director Tihana Petricevic was created in cooperation with doctors. Due to the increase of psychosomatic diseases, which are closely linked to the busy everyday life and increased stress, Petricevic came up with a solution to this problem before it turns into something more serious and causes permanent damage to one’s health.

The project Meridda consists of software and hardware solutions for the elimination of negative effects of stress to one’s health and work efficiency. The start-up has created a smart bracelet that allows accurate monitoring of parameters such as stress, body temperature, location and the given time period. It also includes a mobile and web applications that enable quality processing and data collection. According to Petricevic, the software quickly detects one’s weakest points that one should work on and gives suggestions on how some issues can be effectively self-regulated.

“Two years ago I started working more systematically on this idea through the Founder Institute Croatia. The development of the project is proceeding gradually in accordance with our financial capabilities. We are currently looking for investors to accelerate the product development, and to make it available on the market as soon as possible”, says the young entrepreneur.

Petricevic also added that their main goal was to create an innovative and quality product that would be competitive on international markets worldwide with its aesthetics and functionality. They are first targeting Western European and American markets, whilst distribution to other world markets is planned for the future.

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