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Croatian experts take part in Eurasia Tunnel project

Croatian experts take part in Eurasia Tunnel project

Written by  Dec 27, 2016

Once again Croatian experts had an opportunity to present their knowledge and top design ideas to the world. This time they participated in the construction of the new tunnel connecting Asia and Europe in Turkey. 

Skira the leading Croatian architectural lighting company from Pula provided the architectural lighting solutions for the entrance into the Eurasia Tunnel in Istanbul crossing the Bosphorus strait undersea.
The Skira's decorative architectural lighting solutions were based on the traditional motifs of Turkish culture such as the popular talismans ''Blue eye'' and the hand of Fatima, which bring luck and prosperity to the Turks. The complex steel structure is made of 80 intertwining arches of different radii and inclination which extends from toll booths to the entrance into the tunnel, with 250 metres of length on the European side and 150 metres on the Asian side.

“We are very proud of our team; Dean Skira, the head of the project and the lighting designer, architects Dino Krizmanic and Leonid Zuban, structural and electrical engineers, the 3D visualizer Bozidar Pustijanac, our manufacturer iGuzzini and our clients Kitoko Aydınlatma and Yapı Merkezi who all contributed to such a successful realization of this project”, it's said from the Skira company.

The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan officially opened the Eurasia tunnel, the first road undersea tunnel in Istanbul on the 22nd of December. The 5,4 kilometers long double-deck tunnel which was built at a depth of 106 meters is expected to shorten the driving time on this route from two hours to only 15 minutes. The investment is worth 1,3 billion Euros.

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