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Croatian food products hot the shelves of Walmart

By  Dec 20, 2016

After opening its virtual store on the Chinese website, Podravka as one the leading food companies in Croatia has found the way for product placement on the Walmart shelves as well.

Podravka is one of the few Croatian companies whose products are being sold at half a million retail stores worldwide. Products such as the most popular food seasoning Vegeta, baby food Cokolino, Linolada cream, noodles, red pepper chutney or so-called ''ajvar'' etc. have been sold on more than 60 world markets - from the North Pole to Tierra del Fuego and from Tasmania to Alaska.

Numerous products and promotional activities have been adapted to markets where the products are sold. Interestingly, Vegeta as the most popular product worldwide can now be found on the shelves of one of the largest supermarket chains in the world – at Walmart in the United States. On the other hand, the famous red pepper hot chutney or ''ajvar'' is sold in the northernmost European island village of Svalbard, the location of the Global Seed Vault where the world's priceless seed stocks have been preserved.

Podravka's slogan ''You eat better with Vegeta'' can be seen along the streets of a number of cities in Tanzania, whilst products such as Studena water, famous jams and marmalades, Linolada, Lino cereal products, noodles etc. have already been represented in a series of major food chains in Shanghai and Beijing.

Podravka is the only food company among the 50 largest Croatian exporters which has jumped to the eighth place on this prestigious list with last year's export growth of almost 7 percent.

With last year's exports of nearly 900 million Kunas, Podravka has positioned itself among large ‘’players’’ such as INA, Pliva, Valamar, Croatia Airlines, Petrokemija etc. On the other hand, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, the Croatian Electric Company (HEP), Dalekovod and Koncar are all tough Croatian exporters which are nowadays way behind Podravka.

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