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Split hits the list of five European cities you never heard of

By  Dec 16, 2016

Tripadvisor has recently published a list of cities in Europe that you never heard of (and need to visit now) and Split is the part of this list! 

- You know all about Paris and London, Berlin and Prague. But throughout Europe there are a host of smaller cities where food, culture and historic sites reign supreme, but crowds don’t – it's written in the article.

While the title of the city ''you never heard of'' sounds a bit harsh, it has a positive turn and it's a great promotion for this beautiful city.

- Sprawling from the ruins of a Roman palace on the sea, Split is a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site overflowing with restaurants, wine bars and ancient sites. The largest city on the Adriatic, Split has been ruled by everyone from the Venetians to the French –this is how Tripadvisor describes Split, continuing with tips what to do during your visit, like a walking tour of Diocletian's Palace or hiking trough Marjan Hill.

The other cities on the list are: Mostar, Annecy, Riga and Riomaggiore.