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Clearer air routes over South East Europe Clearer air routes over South East Europe

Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia all sign flight contract

By  Dec 16, 2016

A few days ago Croatia's air traffic management – Croatia Control (HKZP) reported that on the 8th of December the HKZP together with the regional air traffic services Serbia-Montenegro's SMATSA and Bosnia and Herzegovina's BHANSA introduced the concept of the Free Route Airspace (FRA).

In 2008 the European Organization for the safety of air navigation Eurocontrol initiated the coordinated development and implementation of the Free Route Airspace (FRA) which facilitate 24-hour free planning and flights in the airspace regardless of countries’ borders and the area under their responsibility.

As the three regional countries are concerned, the 24-hour concept of the FRA means free planning and flights across borders in the southeast axis (South-East Axis Free Route Airspace – SEAFRA) at altitudes of above 9,900 metres.

"This is the first time that the Free Route Airspace (FRA) has been introduced in Europe over an area of four countries – Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, which only indicates that cooperation is possible and beneficial for all interested parties. The project was designed mostly by air traffic workers from these three control units in order to upgrade the security and efficiency of their services as well as to lower the fuel consumption and reduce green-house gas emissions’’, a press release said.

In addition, the press release emphasized that the SEAFRA concept was initiated in compliance with the European guidelines and its introduction occurred five years ahead of the 1st of January 2022 i.e. the planned date for introducing the Single European Sky facilitating Free Route Airspace over all of Europe at altitudes of above 9,000 metres.

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