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Croatia Proud as Baby Lasagna Secures Best-Ever Finish at Eurovision Eurovision

Croatia Proud as Baby Lasagna Secures Best-Ever Finish at Eurovision

Written by  May 12, 2024

In a momentous turn of events at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest held in Malmö, Sweden, Swiss performer Nemo clinched victory with the captivating melody of "The Code." However, it was Croatia's own Baby Lasagna who captured the hearts of viewers worldwide, securing an impressive second place in the fiercely competitive event.

Swiss performer Nemo won the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden, on Saturday with the song "The Code." Croatian performer Baby Lasagna took second place. However, according to the audience votes, our Baby Lasagna received the highest number of points, 337.

With the Swiss entry crowned as the official winner, the spotlight shifted to Croatia's Baby Lasagna, whose dynamic performance and undeniable charm earned the admiration of audiences across the globe. Despite falling just short of the top spot, Baby Lasagna's remarkable achievement marks Croatia's best-ever finish at the Eurovision Song Contest, igniting waves of pride and celebration throughout the country.

The triumph was twofold for Baby Lasagna, as the Croatian sensation garnered the highest number of audience votes, an impressive feat that underscored his widespread popularity and enduring appeal. While the jury's decision leaned in favor of the Swiss entry, Baby Lasagna's electrifying stage presence and heartfelt performance resonated deeply with viewers, solidifying his status as a beloved icon within the Croatian music scene.

Following his stellar performance in the semifinals, Baby Lasagna's journey culminated in a captivating showcase during the final event, captivating audiences with his infectious energy and magnetic charisma. As the final votes were tallied, Croatia erupted in celebration, basking in the glory of Baby Lasagna's unprecedented success on the Eurovision stage.

Reflecting on the historic achievement, Baby Lasagna expressed gratitude to his fans and supporters, acknowledging their unwavering dedication and steadfast encouragement throughout the competition. With Croatia's best-ever finish at Eurovision now etched into the annals of history, the country stands united in pride and admiration for its remarkable representative, whose talent and charisma have captivated audiences around the world.


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