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Setting Sail: Dubrovnik Welcomes 'Dalmacija,' Jadrolinija's Megaship, for Expanded Bari Connection Facebook Jadrolinija

Setting Sail: Dubrovnik Welcomes 'Dalmacija,' Jadrolinija's Megaship, for Expanded Bari Connection

Written by  Apr 18, 2024

The ship "Dalmacija," the largest in the history of the Jadrolinija fleet, which will operate the international route between Dubrovnik and Bari, has arrived in Croatia and will be adapted to the visual identity of Jadrolinija at the Viktor Lenac shipyard, as reported on Thursday by the largest domestic passenger ship operator.

They emphasize that this is an investment worth 18 million euros, which brings innovation to international maritime traffic and means an improvement in service for Jadrolinija on international lines with Italy. It is a ship that until recently bore the name "Oslofjord," built in 1993 at the Norwegian shipyard Fosen Mekaniske Verksteder AS. It was reconstructed in 2014 at STX in Finland according to the project of OSK Design, which works for leading global shipping companies.

Its average speed is 17 knots, with a capacity of 1800 passengers and 350 cars. It is intended for maintaining the international line between Dubrovnik and Bari, and with its characteristics, it allows for a change in the line concept to a daily line with ten trips per week in the high season. On eight decks, the ship has various facilities, two restaurants, three bars, a grill bar, a playroom for the youngest, and open decks.

The President of the Management Board of Jadrolinija, David Sopta, said that Jadrolinija is proud of the investment that continues the continuity of the renewal of the white fleet and the modernization of business.

"Maintaining international lines for Jadrolinija is a long tradition. Since the time of Jadrolinija Cruises, to today's connections with Italy, passengers gladly return to us. However, we still need to think about our competitiveness in the international market and adapt to trends and passenger needs. We are confident that the ship 'Dalmacija,' with all its facilities, capacity, and speed, brings refreshment and change that will receive great approval from our passengers. In this way, we are developing all aspects of Jadrolinija's business and building the white fleet, of which the entire country can be proud," he said.

Jadrolinija also emphasizes that the ship "Dalmacija" continues the long tradition of international lines, as evidenced by its name, as "Dalmacija" was also a passenger ship built in 1965, from the period of Jadrolinija Cruises, connecting Croatia with ports throughout the Mediterranean.

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