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CROATIA DECIDES - Parliamentary Elections in Croatia Take Place Today Canva

CROATIA DECIDES - Parliamentary Elections in Croatia Take Place Today

Written by  Apr 17, 2024

Today marks a significant departure from tradition in Croatian politics as citizens head to the polls to elect representatives for the Croatian Parliament. Unlike the customary Sunday schedule for parliamentary elections since 1990, this year's voting day falls on a Wednesday. This scheduling shift was determined by the President of the Republic, effectively making today a non-working day across the nation.

With polls open from 7 AM to 7 PM, Croatian citizens aged 18 and above exercise their right to vote in what promises to be a pivotal moment in the country's democratic process. However, this election sees a slight decline in the total number of eligible voters compared to the previous parliamentary elections held in 2020, with 3,733,283 individuals registered to cast their ballots.

Interestingly, this election also sees all polling stations open abroad, reflecting Croatia's commitment to ensuring that citizens living outside the country can participate in the electoral process.

Of the total eligible voters, 3,511,086 hold residency within Croatia, while 222,197 voters are registered with addresses abroad. As the nation awaits the election results, all eyes are on the outcome that will shape Croatia's political landscape in the coming years.

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