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Studenac, Cemex Hrvatska celebrate successful women’s mentoring program Supplied

Studenac, Cemex Hrvatska celebrate successful women’s mentoring program

Written by  Apr 10, 2024

Studenac, Croatia’s largest retailer by number of stores, and Cemex Hrvatska, the local unit of a top global cement producer, celebrated the successful completion of a one-year mentoring program for women.

Research shows that men in business receive informal support and mentoring more frequently than women, and are more involved in professional networks. The program attempted to address these imbalances by making women aware of their strengths, and providing opportunities to exchange experiences and expand their network of contacts.

Mentors from each company worked on professional skills and personal development with women from the other organization. While Cemex Hrvatska operates in a traditionally male-dominated industry and has just 18% women employees, over the past year it has increased the share of women in management to 44%. At Studenac 70% of managers are women.

“As a woman, I’ve benefitted from several mentors during my career, so I was glad to have the opportunity to give back during this program,” said Tatjana Jukić, director of human resources at Studenac. “The project is already helping both of our companies to become more inclusive workplaces, and I’m convinced that these positive results will multiply.”

During the year, two participants in the program at Studenac moved to managerial positions, two were promoted and two more are scheduled for promotion this month. One Cemex mentee was included in a succession plan and another received a promotion after the project ended. Participant self-assessments of skills and self-confidence increased over the course of the program.

"In addition to the subjective feelings, the measurable results of the mentoring program also confirm the progress of our mentees,” said Mirela Kotarac, human resources director at Cemex Hrvatska. “Individual meetings, workshops and practical day-to-day mentoring enabled the participants from both organizations to recognize their potential and overcome the challenges they face on their professional development pathway. In addition, this program has enriched the work culture of our companies, promoting diversity and inclusiveness.”

Other initiatives by Studenac to promote inclusiveness include KodiraONA, a coding competition for women run by Studenac Digital, the retailer’s center of excellence for innovation. The program is now in its second year.

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