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Croatia Takes Times Square: Promoting Tourism in the US with Paramount Partnership

Written by  Apr 04, 2024

The Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ) and the global media conglomerate Paramount have begun implementing a joint marketing campaign aimed at positioning Croatia as a high-quality and attractive tourist destination in the USA.

The main goal of the promotional activities, which include showcasing the beauty through a video segment on CBS television by Emmy-winning author Erica Olsen and promoting Croatia in Times Square in New York, is to increase the visibility of the Croatian tourism offer so that a larger number of Americans choose Croatian destinations for their travels.

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"The US market is our most important distant market, from which we generate the highest tourism traffic. That is precisely why targeted promotional activities are strategically important in further building Croatia's position as one of the most desirable foreign destinations for Americans. The activities we will conduct on the most-watched television channels in America, on the world's most famous square, and in collaboration with a leading global media company like Paramount, will certainly contribute to achieving these goals," said the director of the Croatian Tourist Board, Kristjan Staničić, adding that during the past year, we achieved almost 711 thousand arrivals and over 2 million overnight stays of American tourists.

Croatia Takes Times Square Promoting Tourism in the US with Paramount Partnership


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