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Cigarette Prices Surge Again in Croatia: Third Hike Since March Canva

Cigarette Prices Surge Again in Croatia: Third Hike Since March

Written by  Mar 28, 2024

In a continuing trend, cigarette prices in the Croatian market are set to rise for the third time since the start of March.

Following announcements from the Tobacco Factory Rovinj and Philip Morris Zagreb, JT International Zagreb has now declared its intention to increase prices, with the cost of a pack set to rise by 10 cents.

JT International has notified of retail price hikes for specific cigarette brands and introduced retail pricing for new brands under the Camel label. These adjustments will come into effect on Wednesday, April 3.

Under the new pricing scheme, Sobranie will be priced at 4.90 euros, Camel at 4.30 euros, Camel Legend at 4.10 euros, Camel Compact at 4.20 euros, Winston at 4.20 euros, Benson & Hedges at 4.10 euros, and LD at 4.20 euros.

The price increases range from 2 to 2.5 percent across different cigarette types, with all brands uniformly escalating by 10 euro cents. This mirrors similar actions taken by both TDR and Philip Morris. These successive hikes prompt questions about the role of the Agency for Protection of Market Competition in overseeing such developments.

With the steady climb in cigarette prices, consumers may face added financial strain, while industry analysts speculate on potential market impacts and regulatory responses in the tobacco sector.


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