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HNS to Pay Record Fee for German Referees in Croatian Football Derby Canva

HNS to Pay Record Fee for German Referees in Croatian Football Derby

Written by  Mar 20, 2024

It has been officially confirmed that German referee Daniel Siebert (39) will officiate the biggest derby in Croatian football this season. In the 28th round of the SuperSport HNL at the Poljud Stadium in Split, on Sunday March 30 at 7:30 PM, Hajduk and Dinamo will play, and it has now been revealed how much the Croatian Football Federation (HNS) will pay German referees for this match.

This direct clash between Hajduk and Dinamo in the 28th round of the SuperSport HNL could decide and sway the battle for the title, so after all the scandals with domestic referees, HNS decided that until the end of the season, all the most important matches of the domestic championship will be officiated by the best European referees.

According to sportalo.hr, the HNS will dig deep into its pocket to engage one of the best referees and his team.

Therefore, their arrival in Split will cost the HNS a whopping 12,000 euros! The main referee will be richer by 6,000 euros, and each of the two assistants - Jan Seidel and Rafael Foltyn - will earn 3,000 euros each. However, the total amount of 12,000 euros will be further increased by the fees for the fourth and VAR referees, making this the most expensive derby in terms of officials' fees.

For comparison, the main referee of a SuperSport HNL match is entitled to 500 euros, while the assistant referees have to settle for 280 euros, and the fourth official for 120 euros. The difference is enormous, so we all sincerely hope that this 'investment' will pay off.

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