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Ryanair's Surge: Powering Zagreb Airport to New Heights Amid Record-Breaking Growth Canva

Ryanair's Surge: Powering Zagreb Airport to New Heights Amid Record-Breaking Growth

Written by  Mar 17, 2024

Ryanair emerged as a pivotal force in Zagreb Airport's remarkable resurgence last year, driving its passenger numbers to unprecedented heights. Eurostat's data underscores the significant role played by this low-cost carrier in propelling the airport's growth, especially as many other airlines grappled with post-pandemic recovery efforts. Notably, Zagreb Airport boasted its most extensive network of nonstop destinations to date, a testament to its burgeoning success, reports EX-YU Aviation

With the inauguration of Ryanair's base in the Croatian capital in 2021, airport management anticipated an acceleration in recovery efforts, a prediction substantiated by the subsequent data. In 2023, Zagreb Airport welcomed a staggering 3,723,650 passengers, marking an impressive 8.4% increase over its previous peak in 2019. While Ryanair competes directly with only a handful of carriers on specific routes from Zagreb, its presence indirectly influences numerous destinations, particularly evident in routes to Brussels and London Heathrow. By amalgamating figures from Ryanair's services to Charleroi and London Stansted, passenger traffic to these Belgian and UK capitals soared to unprecedented levels.

Buoyed by the momentum of the past year, Zagreb Airport is poised for yet another record-breaking year in 2024. The anticipation mounts with the introduction of several new routes by both Ryanair and Croatia Airlines, alongside the resurgence of long-haul flights from Far East Asia. Notably, during the pivotal second and third quarters, Zagreb Airport is set to offer 3,151,125 seats on scheduled flights, marking an 18% increase over the previous year and an impressive 20.6% improvement from 2019. As the summer season approaches, Croatia Airlines is projected to command a 33.9% share of Zagreb Airport's scheduled capacity, closely followed by Ryanair with a 30.4% share, underscoring their collective dominance in shaping the airport's trajectory.

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