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Croatian Navy to Receive New Coastal Patrol Vessel Following Defence Minister's Signature

Written by  Mar 14, 2024

The Croatian Minister of Defence, Ivan Anušić, commented today that he has signed amendments to the contract with Brodosplit, and that in nine months the Croatian Navy will receive another coastal patrol vessel.

“The Ministry of Defence and the Croatian Navy will receive the first of a total of four coastal patrol vessels in nine months. Today, on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, I signed amendments and additions to the contract with the Shipyard Special Objects Ltd. on the completion of that first vessel. The construction and delivery of the remaining three vessels will be regulated subsequently by a new contract,” Anušić wrote on the X social network.

Although Anušić wrote in the post that it will be the first of four vessels, it is actually the second of five coastal patrol vessels, with the first being a prototype. However, since 2018, that vessel, named Omiš, has been regularly navigating Croatian and international waters, performing its tasks in search and rescue, and participating in international exercises.

The contract for five vessels was signed with Brodosplit back in 2014, during the tenure of Minister of Defense Ante Kotromanović, and the construction was so prolonged that during the tenure of Anušić's predecessor Mario Banožić, it seemed like the remaining four vessels would never be built. However, it now seems that things have finally progressed, and it remains to be seen if the first of the remaining four vessels will be delivered by the end of this year, reports TPortal.


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