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Luka Modrić Approaching End of Career: Unprecedented Contract Offer on the Horizon?

Written by  Feb 07, 2024

Luka Modrić is nearing the end of his career and is about to receive a contract unlike any he has ever seen?

The saga continues over where Luka Modrić (38) will play next season. Because the captain of the Croatian national football team's contract with Real Madrid expires at the end of this season. For now, it's unknown whether Florentino Perez, as the club's president, will offer him a new one. And while it remains uncertain, all combinations are possible.

Every day brings a new option regarding a potential employer, but there's still no information from the right source. As long as it's like this, all these speculations are possible. Thus, this one emerges, as shared by Eduardo Inda on the El Chiringuito show.

"He (referring to Luka Modrić) stayed because of the coach. After a few months, he is neither the 12th nor the 13th player on the team. That's why he's upset. In a nice way, because he's decent, he told Carlo Ancelotti that he's being played. Ancelotti didn't tell him he would be a starter, but he told him he would play and that he counts on him. Does he really count? This season, he's the 15th or 16th player on the team," Inda explained, adding that Modrić could continue his career in Saudi Arabia.

"That's a lot of money. First, they offered him 40 million euros, and then 60 million euros per season. It would be a brutal end to Modrić's career," said Inda, the director of the Spanish portal Okdiario.

It should be noted that the aforementioned journalist has 'predicted' several times that Modrić would continue his career at Manchester United. Before that, he once 'packed' him off to Saudi Arabia, and yet we see Modrić still wearing the Real Madrid jersey.


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