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Croatian Salaries Soar: Average Income Surges By Almost 14 Percent, Signaling Positive Economic Growth

Written by  Nov 30, 2023

The data on average salaries (total average of all personal incomes, not median salary) for the third quarter of 2023 has been released. On a national level, compared to the same period last year, salaries increased by 13.9 percent, making the average net salary amount to 1,153 euros. The average net salaries of employees in different counties ranged from a low of 1,006 euros in Virovitica-Podravina County to 1,343 euros in the City of Zagreb.

According to the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, the average Croatian net salary in the third quarter increased by 13.9 percent, reaching 1,153 euros. Unsurprisingly, Zagreb citizens had the highest average salary, significantly exceeding the national average at 1,343 euros. This marks a 12.9 percent increase compared to the same period last year, which is among the lower growth rates, as reported by tportal.

Most counties had an average salary lower than 1,100 euros, with six of them below 1,050 euros. Slightly higher averages were observed in the Zagreb metropolitan area and coastal Croatia, while lower averages were noted in northern and eastern Croatia.

Interestingly, some less-developed counties had higher average salaries than more developed ones. For instance, in Istria County, immediately behind the City of Zagreb in terms of development, the average salary is 1,098 euros, while in the less developed Karlovac County, it is 1,131 euros.


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