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Croatian Adriatic City Bans Nudism and Alcohol on Beaches Canva

Croatian Adriatic City Bans Nudism and Alcohol on Beaches

Written by  Nov 28, 2023

In a session marked by a contentious debate, the Pula City Council, with 11 in favour, seven against, and two abstentions, approved the Maritime Domain Order on Monday evening. The focal point of discussion was the controversial bans on nudism and the consumption of strong alcoholic beverages on Pula's beaches, introduced to align with the new Law on Maritime Property and Ports.

The decision triggered diverse opinions, with Councilwoman Dušica Radojčić expressing concerns about the ban on nudism, emphasizing its lack of prohibition in the law. She questioned the practical necessity of such a measure, pointing out Pula's longstanding tradition of nude or partially nude bathing on natural beaches.

Radojčić argued that the decision stigmatizes nudism as morally unacceptable, asserting that people do not come naked to organized beaches or the city. The ban's selective nature, allowing beer and wine but restricting drinks like gin and tonic, raised additional questions about its rationale.

SDP councillor Igor Belas countered, viewing the decision as a means of establishing order and distinguishing between topless and nudist behaviour. Independent councillor Vito Paoletić commended the decision as a civilizational achievement for beach regulation.

On the other hand, Councillor Davor Vuković questioned the practicality and applicability of the decision in Pula, considering the multitude of beaches. He argued that it represents a step backward without a foundation in common sense.

Ultimately, Elena Puh Belci (IDS) raised concerns about the enforceability of the decision and the practicalities of monitoring people's activities on the beaches.

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