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Croatian Judges Push for Increased Salaries Despite 'White Strike' Gains, Ministry Concerned Canva

Croatian Judges Push for Increased Salaries Despite 'White Strike' Gains, Ministry Concerned

Written by  Nov 13, 2023

In the so-called "white strike," judges, unlike their court recorders who went on strike after them, managed to secure significantly better salaries. However, they are still not satisfied, as reported by Jutarnji list on Monday.

The Croatian Association of Judges (UHS) slammed the Ministry of Justice and Administration with demands that would more than double coefficients for some judges compared to the current rates, resulting in an average net salary increase of about 1100 euros.

The union's request for a salary increase has caused concern in the Ministry because the pressure, already significant from the judiciary, and according to the latest demand, would entail an additional 70 million euros annually from the budget to be directed towards judges' salaries, disrupting the "harmonization of the salary system in relation to civil servants, as well as the prescription of rights to other material benefits."

Apart from demands for increased coefficients, judges listed 12 additional items where they seek extra rights, from bonuses and Christmas bonuses to assistance in case of extended sick leave.

The Ministry in charge states its openness to discussions with judges for further regulation of the salary system concerning civil servants, as well as prescribing other rights besides salary. However, they emphasize the need to regulate the salary system in the public administration, which includes reforming the payment systems for officials and employees in the judicial system.

Local judges, it should be recalled, supported the strike of officials and employees in the judiciary, as after their white strike, their salaries increased by about 500 euros, an amount their court recorders worked an entire month for, as reported by Jutarnji list.


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