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Meta Introduces Ad-Free Subscriptions for Facebook and Instagram in Croatia

Written by  Nov 11, 2023

Meta has introduced a subscription for Facebook and Instagram in Croatia. The subscription price will be 12.99 euros per month, and those users who opt to pay it will have an ad-free experience on these social media platforms. Those who do not wish to pay for the subscription will continue using Instagram and Facebook as usual with advertisements.

Users of Facebook and Instagram have started receiving notifications about the introduction of the subscription to these social networks. Specifically, users who choose to pay the 12.99 euro subscription will be able to use Instagram and Facebook without seeing ads. Those who opt not to pay for the subscription will use these social networks as before, with personalized advertisements.

“Due to the change in laws in your region, you can now choose whether you want to continue using Meta company products for free by allowing us to use your information for ads, or you can subscribe to use Meta company products without ads," the notification states.

Those who opt for an ad-free experience on Facebook and Instagram, that is, the subscription, will need to spend 12.99 euros per month. For instance, if you only want to use Facebook without ads, you'll need to pay 9.99 euros.

Even if initially, you decided to use Facebook or Instagram with ads, at any time, in the settings, you can adjust your choice and switch to the subscription payment method.


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