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How much is the average Croatian might be surprised

Written by  Nov 28, 2016

In the past sixteen years the wealth of Croatian citizens has increased by almost 160 percent, according to data from the Credit Suisse Bank.

The bank's Global Wealth Report states that the average assets of the adult Croatian population is $22,303, whilst in 2000 this amount was $8,623. The total wealth of citizens of Croatia is estimated at almost $80 billion.

As far as countries in the region are concerned, the richest are Slovenians with an average wealth of $57,376 or an increase of 70.94 percent from the beginning of this century. Bosnia and Herzegovina has also recorded an increase of 190 percent in comparison to 2000. The average wealth in this country is $11,384.

On the other hand, Montenegro has recorded strong growth in wealth of 453 percent or $18,778 per capita. The average wealth in Serbia is $6,906, whilst in Macedonia it is $9,646.

One of European countries with the largest growth of almost 310 percent in wealth is the Czech Republic. This once poor country now it has wealth of $48,357 per capita.

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