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Discover the Magic of Split: New York Times Unveils the Must-Visit Attractions in the Dalmatian Gem within 36 Hours Canva

Discover the Magic of Split: New York Times Unveils the Must-Visit Attractions in the Dalmatian Gem within 36 Hours

Written by  Jun 08, 2023

The esteemed New York Times has dedicated a report to Split, highlighting its most beautiful attractions worth visiting within 36 hours.

In June 2015, the New York Times featured Split in one of their renowned "36 Hours in..." articles, praising the largest Dalmatian city with carefully chosen words. Almost exactly eight years later, the prestigious American (and global) daily newspaper returned to Split and repeated the accolades.

In an extensive report, the reputable New York Times presented Split as a city where the combination of ancient heritage and culinary offerings easily captivates visitors.

Potential visitors were offered a 36-hour travel plan in one of the most beautiful Croatian cities. The report began by emphasizing a visit to the city's largest sandy beach, Bačvice.

Of course, they couldn't miss highlighting picigin, a popular ball game played in shallow water that attracts tourists, as well as recommending a visit to one of the restaurants with the most beautiful terrace, Dvor, just a few minutes' walk away, offering breathtaking views.

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The report mentions that in Split, locals typically associate alcohol with wine, rakija, and beer, and only a few cafés offer cocktails. The ideal way to end the day, according to the New York Times, is to visit the Vidilica on Marjan Hill, which offers a mesmerizing view of the entire city and the surrounding islands, especially during a spectacular sunset.

The following day, tourists are advised to enjoy one of the numerous cafés on the Riva promenade and visit the main market and fish market, known as the "Pazar" and "Peškarija."

The highlight of a visit to Split is exploring the over 1,700-year-old Diocletian's Palace, where the Cellars, Peristyle, and numerous small streets provide a unique encounter with the authentic ancient atmosphere and the spirit of old Rome.

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"Step out through the Golden Gate and admire the statue of medieval bishop Grgur Ninski, sculpted by the famous Croatian artist Ivan Meštrović. If you want to continue enjoying art, visit the nearby Gallery of Fine Arts. The next day, you can enhance your experience by visiting Meštrović's gallery, which is a bit further away and surrounded by the beautiful Marjan Park Forest," writes the New York Times.

In addition to describing a range of restaurants, taverns, cafés, and local shops worth visiting, the report also highlights shorter trips to the medieval fortress of Klis, located between the Kozjak and Mosor mountains, and a visit to the remains of the ancient city of Salona.


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