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Croatian Tourist Board Director Kristjan Staničić Reelected as Vice President of ETC in Tallinn

Written by  May 28, 2023

Director of the Croatian Tourist Board, Kristjan Staničić, has been reelected as the Vice President of the European Travel Commission (ETC) in Tallinn!

Kristjan Staničić, the Director of the Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ), has been reelected as the Vice President of the European Travel Commission (ETC) at the 105th General Assembly of the ETC, held in Tallinn, Estonia. The ETC is the most important and oldest international tourism association in Europe, comprising 35 national European tourist organizations and numerous associate members from the tourism sector.

Staničić expressed his gratitude to his colleagues for their trust and the opportunity to continue working together to improve the European tourism sector and promote Europe as a unique tourist destination. He emphasized that challenging times are behind us, but through quick decisions, targeted promotion, and quality offerings, rapid and stable tourism recovery has been achieved. Despite ongoing challenges, Staničić is optimistic about the return of travel to pre-pandemic levels and promised to work within the activities of the ETC to maintain this positive growth trend in the future.

This reelection confirms Staničić's role and contribution to the development of tourism at the European level and the strengthening of cooperation among European tourist organizations.


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