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Tragic Crash Claims Lives of All Passengers in Dutch Plane Accident in Croatia HGSS/Wiki

Tragic Crash Claims Lives of All Passengers in Dutch Plane Accident in Croatia

Written by  May 21, 2023

In the Dutch light airplane that crashed on Saturday in Croatia, all passengers, most likely three of them as planned, were confirmed dead on Sunday through the investigation at the crash site of the Cirrus 20 aircraft conducted by the Karlovac Police and the Chief Air Accident Investigator.

As reported on Sunday by the State Attorney's Office, 'the investigation and determination of all circumstances of the Cirrus 20 airplane crash are underway in the forested area of Malo Libinje in the municipality of Ogulin.'

The Chief Air Accident Inspector, Danko Petrin, stated from the accident site that all passengers on the Dutch airplane had died and that the aircraft was severely damaged, with the wreckage being further destroyed by fire.

He added that the on-site investigation, led by the County State Attorney's Office, is currently ongoing, followed by data collection.

"We need to obtain information from air traffic control, the communication they had with the pilot, radar data, and other information, and then we will have a complete picture and, hopefully, an answer to the question of what happened and why," Petrin said.

He dismissed the speculation that the cause of the plane crash was bad weather, stating that they "rely solely on facts" and that poor weather conditions do not automatically mean they are the cause of the plane crash.

Petrin also confirmed that it was a Dutch airplane with three passengers from the Netherlands according to the flight plan, and the identity of the passengers and the exact time and cause of their death will be determined through an autopsy, which should provide answers.


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