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Women lacking behind men in Croatian business Women lacking behind men in Croatian business

Women falling behind in Croatian business world

Written by  Mark Thomas Nov 21, 2016

To mark Women's Entrepreneurship Day on the 19th of November the Croatian Financial Agency carried out a survey of women in business and the results are far from encouraging. Of the 99,000 private companies in Croatia only just over 18,000 are owned by women, or around 18 percent.

The figures show that in 2010 only around 17 percent of businesses were in the hands of women, that number increased by 2014 to just over 20 percent. However the number has fallen again and in 2015 the number of businesses in Croatia owned by women had fallen to 18 percent.

The study revealed a larger proportion of women business owners only in the services sector, while the men to women ratio in the manufacturing sector was much more to men's advantage, FINA said, noting that men-owned companies employed far more workers, generated higher revenues and had greater assets than those owned by women.

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