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Hashtag ice-cream wins award Hashtag ice-cream wins award

Croatian ice-cream wins award for innovation

Written by  Nov 20, 2016

Last week the Croatian ice cream producer Ledo was awarded for innovation of its Hesteg, King Love and Lilipop ice creams by the International Ice Cream Consortium (IICC).

At the annual conference of the IICC which was held in Barcelona from the 8th to the 15th of Novemeber the Croatian ice cream producer won a gold medal for Ledo Hesteg ice cream in the category The Best Commercial Solution 2016. ''The IICC judges were impressed with the unique shape of our Hesteg ice cream on two sticks which can be shared both in real life and online'', said from the Croatian company Ledo.

In addition, another Ledo ice cream King Love won a silver medal in the category The Best Ice Cream of the Year, whilst the Lolipop ice cream, which will be available on the market next year, also won a silver medal in the category The Most Innovative Ice Cream in the World.

''Ledo was awarded primarily thanks to our creative approach, exceptional solutions and advanced technologies. The IICC association is one of the most important ones in this segment. In the last 30 years of its work it has gathered numerous ice cream producers from all over the globe thus these awards are very important to us as well as those that we received from this association in previous years. Our awards also confirm our strong position as a leader both in the region and in the world'', said Dario Vrabec, the CEO of the Ledo company.

Ledo is one of the largest producers of frozen food and ice cream in Southeastern Europe. Apart from Croatia, it is also produced and sold in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Hungary.

The first Ledo ice cream was called Snjeguljica (Snow White) and was produced in 1958.

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