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WWII anti-ship mine destroyed in Croatia – Rijeka on alert MUP

WWII anti-ship mine destroyed in Croatia – Rijeka on alert

Written by  Mar 19, 2023

An anti-ship mine left over from the Second World War was lifted from the seabed in the port of Rijeka on Sunday, towed to a safe location in the Gulf of Rijeka and destroyed at 1:15 p.m.

The head of the civil protection headquarters of the City of Rijeka, Hinko Mance, commented to HINA that the operation is not over yet and that, after the mine has been destroyed by explosives, all checks need to be carried out, and it is expected that everything will be finished in about an hour.

The action began this morning at 6:09 a.m. when the danger sirens sounded in Rijeka, and the mine was prepared for towing by divers of the special police.


Police close roads - Photo MUP

In addition to the fact that tenants were evacuated on the eve of the action, in the "red zone" of immediate danger around the port of Rijeka, all road, rail, air and sea traffic was suspended, all economic facilities were closed, and the railway and bus station were closed and relocated.

The anti-ship mine from the Second World War was discovered on the seabed in the port of Rijeka during infrastructure works at the end of June, and it was partially buried in the muddy bottom.

Due to the characteristics and the location where it was found, it was not possible to destroy the mine at the place where it was found, so a relocation and neutralization plan was drawn up.

The operation to extract and neutralize the mine was coordinated by the Rijeka City Civil Protection Headquarters in partnership with the Primorsko-Goran Police Department and other services, and members of the Croatian Army also participated in the operation, using a system of unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor the roads and waterways designated by the police as security zones.


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