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I don't feel old – Luka Modrić opens up about contract and veteran years

Written by  Mar 19, 2023

At the press conference before the latest El Clasico, Luka Modrić looked back on his age and agreed that the match with Barcelona will be crucial in the continuation of the fight for the title of Spanish champion.

Luka Modrić still hasn't signed a new contract with Real, and rumours surrounding his departure from the Santiago Bernabeu are becoming increasingly common in the media.

The captain of the Croatian national football team, commented on his future in Real and looked back on his, for a top footballer, veteran years.

"The club knows my desire; I have emphasized it many times. At this moment I am not thinking about the future. I want to do my best and then we'll see what happens. I don't feel old. I am very happy that at this age I am still playing at such a high level and I hope it will continue because I feel very, very good", he concluded.

The interesting thing that got the word out is that Modrić's teammates from Madrid gave him the nickname - vinagre - the Spanish term for people with a 'short fuse': "Haha, everyone says that. That's because I always get mad when we lose in practice. I hate that. But I'm not the only one, there are worse than me," said the 37-year-old midfielder with a laugh.

Finally, he referred to El Clasico, which will be played on Sunday at the Camp Nou stadium. Barcelona have a nine-point advantage over their biggest rivals, and Modrić agrees that the upcoming match is the last chance for Real to get back into the title fight.

"El Clasico is our last chance to fight for La Liga? Yes, I would agree. We are aware of that. This is our last train in the fight for the title", he concluded.


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