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Eastern products not up to standard Eastern products not up to standard

Croatians believe they are being sold poorer quality goods

By  Nov 17, 2016

"Our survey shows that 82.6 percent of Croatians believe that products intended for the eastern European market are of poorer quality than those intended for western EU member countries," the Croatian MP in the European Parliament Biljana Borzan said at the news conference held in the Europe House in Zagreb this week.

Biljana and Andrea Gross-Boskovic, the director of the Croatian Food Agency (HAH) presented their survey and announced comparative analysis and testing of 27 product types on the Croatian and German markets.

''Around 70 percent of our respondents showed a high level of scepticism and they believe that large European corporations treat us as second-class citizens'', said Gross-Boskovic adding that the HAH only wanted to determine a state of affairs.

The analysis will cover products such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Nestea ice tea, Heineken beer, Rio Mare tuna, pasta Barilla, Ariel laundry detergent, Silan laundry softener, Domestos household cleaning products as well as Nivea and Colgate products.

It is interesting to note that an earlier research carried out by the Czech Republic's MP in the European Parliament showed that one-third of the products on the Czech market were of poorer quality in comparison to same products on the German market.

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