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Counterfeit euro in circulation in Croatia Canva

Counterfeit euro in circulation in Croatia

Written by  Feb 03, 2023

The 50-euro banknote, identified as suspicious on January 9 at a cash branch in Istria, is a good-quality counterfeit put into circulation in a shop in the Istria area, the police reported on Friday as they search for the person who used the counterfeit banknote.

Precisely because of this case, the Istrian police are warning citizens to be careful and carefully check the banknotes they receive.

It was announced on the website of the Croatian National Bank that there are two series of euro banknotes in circulation. The first series consists of seven denominations (5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 euros), and the second, which is also called the Europa series, has the same denominations, except for the 500-euro denomination. This denomination is no longer printed, but can still be used as a means of payment.

"If you suspect the correctness of the banknotes you have received, call the police or report your suspicions to the nearest police station," the police said, adding that euro banknotes are protected by a series of protective features that make it easier to verify their authenticity and make it more difficult to forge them.


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