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Lidl in Germany changes strategy and goes green – can we expect the same in Croatia?

Written by  Feb 02, 2023

Lidl has a new strategy to change its product range. In the future, the proportion of products of animal origin will decrease, states the German media write.

There are more and more vegetarian and vegan products on the shelves of supermarkets and discount stores in Germany. The offer of foods without meat or other animal products is now large. Discount Lidl now wants to change its offer - and announces a reduction in the share of products with animal proteins in its offer.

As they say from Lidl, this is a step "without an alternative". In this way, Lidl wants to do something good for the planet, German media reports.

They plan to reduce the assortment of products of animal origin in their stores, and set an example for the younger generations.

The share of vegetable proteins in the discounter's assortment will now "continually increase". Lidl is planning special themed weeks to bring the new strategy closer to consumers.

"Our goal is not only a positive image of Lidl's appearance to customers, but we want to change something", said Lidl.

And as products and strategies that start in Lidl’s home country of Germany tend to filter out to other countries it is more than possible that we can expect more green products on the shelves of Lidl in Croatia. Lidl is one of the largest retailers in Croatia and has well over a 100 stores up and down Croatia.


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